FASTORQ No BS Lifetime WarrantyAutoGRIPPER Stud Extractor/Installer
The go-to tool for removing and inserting studs safely, effectively, and fast.  For general maintenance, outages, shut-downs or turnarounds, frozen studs cost hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars each year. The AutoGRIPPER is a simple, safe and cost-effective tool for removing stub-born fasteners.

  • Save critical time, especially important in hazardous conditions.
  • Reduces maintenance and turnaround man-hours.
  • Easy to use – requires minimal training and set-up.
  • Designed with a square drive for pneumatic wrench.
  • Minimal damage to the stud being removed.
  • Wide variety of applications.
  • Download the AutoGRIPPER Stud Extractor/Installer Catalog here
FASTORQ Total Assurance Guarantee 1-yearHydraPULL Hydraulic Bundle Extractor
Low cost alternative to the traditional chain hoist, crane and other rigging methods for removing tube bundles from shell and tube exchangers.

  • Economical solution for removing tube bundles from exchangers.
  • Does not require plant air or source of electric power.
  • Designed for maximum flexibility.
  • Completely self-contained, requires no out-side rigging or gantries.
  • Operation by as few as two workers.
  • Download the HydraPULL Hydraulic Bundle Extractor Catalog here
FASTORQ Total Assurance Guarantee 1-yearAutoTORQ Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrench
Tightens and loosens tubular threaded joints.

FASTORQ Total Assurance Guarantee 1-yearFlange Alignment Tool
Put an end to hammering and prying! Improve safety, productivity and accuracy with FASTORQ’s Flange Alignment Tool.

FASTORQ No BS Lifetime WarrantyFastBAK
Back-up and quick release reaction arm for hammer wrenches.

  • Employs adjustment screw.
  • For use with FASTORQ Hammer Wrenches from 1-1/16” to 3-1/8” or 30mm to 80mm.
  • Other sizes can be quoted on request.
  • Download the FastBAK Catalog here.
FASTORQ Total Assurance Guarantee 1-yearImpact Sockets & Hammer Wrenches