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Full FASTORQ Catalog

AutoSPLITTER Nut Splitters
AutoSPREADER Flange Spreaders
FastLUBE Bolting Lubricants
Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrenches
Bolting Technology Information
Impact Sockets & Hammer Wrenches
FASTORQ Power Units
ThinLINE Hydraulic Torque and Ratcheting Wrenches
SpinTORQ Continuous Rotation Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
AutoTORQ Ratchet Wrenches Inline and Square Drive
FastBAK Back-up and quick release reaction arm for hammer wrenches
Hydraulic Fixed and Variable Model Stud Tensioners
ZipNut Technology Products
ZipTENSIONER – Stud Tensioners for Subsea and Nuclear
ZipTENSIONER – Stud Tensioners for Wind Turbine Stud Tensioners
Direct Tension Indicators
Flange Alignment Tool
HydraPULL Hydraulic Bundle Extractor
AutoGRIPPER Stud Extractor/Installer
AutoZIP VIV Fastening Mechanism
Pipe Hanging & Piping Load Comprehensive Support Service