TitanMidAmerica Commercial Credit Application for NEW Clients

Terms of Payment

Payment Terms ~ Net 30 days with prior approval. A past due late fee of $250 and 2% per  month (24% annually)  will be charged on all past due and unpaid  invoices. A $25.00 fee will be charged for any returned check.

Wire Transfer ~ A $35.00 service fee will be added to each transfer ($55.00 service fee for International transfers).

Credit Card ~ We accept most major credit cards.

Minimum Order

Single orders must total $50 net price. Exceptions are made for next day or second day air only.

Rental Period ~ Minimum of 3 days.

Termination of Rental Period

Rental is terminated upon notice from the customer to Titan MidAmerica and return arrangements are made. Failure to return the equipment within the time arranged extends the rental period until the equipment is physically received by Titan MidAmerica. Failure to return a part of a tool is the same as not returning the tool.

Freight Terms

Delivery is F.O.B. shipping point. Transportation charges shall be paid by the purchaser to and from Titan MidAmerica’s Rental Facility. Delivery by carrier will be at customer’s risk.


Promises of delivery are given as accurately as conditions will permit and every reasonable effort will be made to effect deliveries as scheduled. Titan MidAmerica  assumes no liability for damages arising out of failure to deliver material as promised.


Orders accepted by the company are not subject to cancellation by customer except with the written consent of Titan MidAmerica and upon terms which will indemnify Titan MidAmerica against loss or damage occasioned by such cancellation.

Damage to Equipment

Customer agrees to pay for all charges due to damage as a result of negligence, willful destruction, improper use or loss. If in the opinion of Titan MidAmerica the equipment is being used in a abusive, dangerous, or unlawful manner, Titan MidAmerica may at its discretion demand the surrender of the rented equipment upon written notification to the customer. Customer agrees to immediate surrender.

Non-Functioning of Equipment

Should during the rental period the equipment fail to properly function, the rental period will be billed from the initial rental time until failure of equipment provided Titan MidAmerica is notified within six (6) hours of equipment failure. Should Titan MidAmerica not be notified within this time period, the rental period will be billed until notification.


If customer rents equipment and later finds that the equipment cannot be used at no fault of Titan MidAmerica, the customer is responsible for full rental charges.

* All Titan MidAmerica electric pumps are not explosion proof. Failure to take proper safe guards is not the responsibility of Titan MidAmerica.

* Titan MidAmerica is not responsible for the use of this equipment when used in an unsafe, dangerous, or inappropriate manner. During rental, customer is responsible for checking that all hydraulic fittings and hoses are properly tightened and are not positioned to snap off during use from reacting against the hydraulic hoses. Customer will be provided an Operations Manual with which he is to familiarize himself and all other users. Failure to read this is not the responsibility of Titan MidAmerica.

* Titan MidAmerica shall not be liable for loss of the product or other incidental or consequential costs incurred by the user.

* Client shall name Titan MidAmerica as an Additional Insured on their General Liability Policy and provide Certificate of Insurance as evidence of coverage.

* Client shall provide evidence of Leased and Rented Insurance Coverage sufficient enough to cover value of equipment they have leased from Titan MidAmerica.

AGREEMENT TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The customer must sign an agreement that has been fully read in its entirety and is in full agreement. Should this equipment be rented via phone, fax, email, or letter and the equipment shipped to the customer, a copy of this agreement will be enclosed. The customer automatically agrees to the Terms and Conditions stated herein unless immediate notification is received via telephone by Titan MidAmerica.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.