Here are the most commonly requested troubleshooting documents.  If you need assistance with a product not listed here, please call us at (618) 789-2000 or email us at A representative will be happy to help you resolve your concerns.  And check back often, we’re uploading new documents regularly!

AutoSPREADER Flange Spreaders

Fixed & Variable AutoTENSIONER

Direct Tension Indicators

Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrench

AutoSPLITTER Nut Splitters

ThinLINE 5k & 10k Models

ThinLINE SU01XL Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench

ThinLINE Torque Wrenches

ThinLINE Torque Wrench Model 150-4

ThinLINE Torque Wrench Model 400-24

ZipTENSIONER Subsea Flange Puller