Titan MidAmerica, Industry’s Bolting Tool Central, provides the industry with it’s finest American-made torque and bolting tools throughout the Midwest. Titan MidAmerica provides tool applications for  heavy industry such as refineries, petrochemicals, mining, power generation, industrial services, oil and natural gas, drilling and services and heavy equipment.

Geoff Grootenboer, President, is extremely proud to offer a demonstration of the state-of-the-art tool lines so your company can see how we can meet your bolting solutions. We are absolutely sure your company will see the benefits our superior tools provide, both in service and bottom line savings.

Titan MidAmerica tools contribute to your bottom line by:

  • Safer bolting operation and less liability exposure
  • Dramatically reduce bolting time, and less worker fatigue
  • Longer tool life and lower cost of ownership
  • Responsive delivery and less down-time
  • Calibrated and repeatable results that eliminate failures due to “guess work”

Your company’s decision to use Titan MidAmerica for your next project is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry, American craftsmanship, and regional support. Your company’s success is our business.